Guys if you text a woman everyday but aren't dating her , because she's anti-dating , do you think about her? what do you think when you think of her?


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  • I wouldn't be with a woman who's not in to dating. I mean... how does she intend to get together with anyone that way?

    • Does talk to me every single day but knows I'm not into dating , i believe in marriage
      What does that mean

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    • I'm just not into dating because I don't think there's any point in investing so much in a person emotionally and physicality only to have him or her hurt you
      I think if someone likes you enough as a person they'd marry you before trying to get in bed with you

    • But how will they GET to like if you if they can't even get to know you?

      Do you expect someone to see you and fall in love right there? That is infatuation, not love.

      The purpose of dating is to get to know a person. You intend to marry a complete stranger?

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