Does he miss me?

I broke it off with a guy a few days ago that i was seeing for a month cause he couldnt give me what i wanted and needed which was attention. I blocked him on whatsapp but he still watches my snapchats every single one of them. Yesterday he snapped a story of himself and he was driving a car while singing and listening to a song ''still thinking about you, i thought you were going to be there for me, thought you cared for me''... i dont know if he was talking about me but i dont know i got this weird feeling he was. But then again, he knows where i live and he has my number if he truly missed me why not call or stop by? does he really miss me or was it just a random song? and dont say ask him cause he never gives me answers.


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  • of course he misses you how could he not? he wants make contact with u to tel u but he is too scared. so the contact that he made was an accident on purpose. . just to get your attention. did it works?


What Girls Said 1

  • If you broke up with him then why are you wondering whether he misses you or not? Just move on.

    • can't you just answer the question? i asked one right?

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