Do you think that somebody you shortly dated but really liked would have been picked over your ex long term partner if they had more time with you?

Shortly dated = 1-3 months
Longterm partner = 2+ years

Dating the new guy/girl ended because of your ex coming back into the picture telling you all the right things


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  • no i wouldn't go back with my ex so fast. you both need time to get over the past and date other people

    • Let's say that you dumped her about 6-8 months ago and that you did it because your emotional needs were not met. You wanted her to be more affectionate but she was kinda emotionless, she could not show you her love the way you needed her to. In the meanwhile you go on with your life, you have sex with random girls and you meet one that you are anxious to date. You show her that you really like her and you start talking about committing if things keep going the way they are right now. Out of the blue your ex textes you what you have always wanted to hear from her, so you get really confused and start pulling away from the other girl you have dated for about two months and with who things were going great. Does it mean you never really liked your date in the first place or just that your date did not have enough time with you to develop the bond that could have prevented you from giving your ex a chance? lack of interest or lack of time?

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    • Do you think he just realised he has left over business with her the moment she texted him? Do you think I could have spotted red flags that I did not see? He would not talk much about her unless I asked and I asked if the relationship was over before he dumped her and he said yes. Do you think that it is possible that he sincerely felt something for me and that if we had had more time together he might have decided not to give her a chance again? Did he put us on hold or did he just tell me he does not want to see me ever again? That does not change I need to move on I know. I just would like to see his intentions prior to her appereance and get if he handled it fairly with me.

    • i have a ex i was almost married too and am now dating someone new. so i can kind of somewhat understand how he feels. i do belive he realized he still loves her& has left over business with her. i love my new girlfriend but i fear the same things sometimes but i won't known till it happens. i think him not talking about her unless asked is a red flag right their. from month 1 i always talked to my girlfriend about my ex. Honestly i can't tell you weather or not he sincerely care about you since it was only a 2 month relationship. this is just 1 of those things you won't known unless you ask him yourself. all i can say is if he comes back talk too him but for now find someone better.

What Girls Said 2

  • I wouldn't go back to an ex.

  • The ex is the ex for a reason

    • but does it mean you never really liked the person you had started dating two months prior or does it just mean that you might have really liked her/him but you had not enough time together to make memories and realise you are better off in your new 'relationship' because the person you have deeply loved comes back saying what you wanted to hear?

    • Yeah the second one

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