Was he feeling me or not?

I am kinda hurt cause i liked im but he doesn't seem to be putting effort into me. He said he doesn't have to because its only been a month... but he did wanted to sleep wih me..

- he makes it a huge effort to come by and be with me.
- he never suggest anything fun to do like going to the movies, or eating out.
- he doesn't really let me in.
- he does travel sometimes up to an hour to see me but the day after i dont hear anything from him anymore or days and then i text him and say i miss him and want to see him and he responds with ''im busy, i can't come and i say why>? he says, because i cant''
- he watches my every snap, but he never calls me or texts me.
- he says he will give me everything i want and need if i just sleep with him... but i have trouble believing that...


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  • just give him time if he travels an hour to see you then it's an hour back. sounds like to much pressure on him maybe. some times it takes a lot to explain it to women how busy you are with work and commitments. enjoy time you have together while u can.


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  • First, I think it's ok for you to like him and to have feelings for this man but if he is busy or doesn't talk to you then don't keep nagging at him. It's just gonna push him away from you even more. Now, I don't think he actually likes you. I think he wants to hit it and quit it tbh. From what you are telling me he might also just want a friends with benefits. I say all this because he likes to hang out with you but likes to stay at home so many he can maybe get you to the bedroom. He never really text you and when a guy likes you, he normally does. So finally, just forget about him. Move on. Be better at finding guys. Also don't be too clingy.

    • i am not too clingy, i just expect communication and i found he is a drugsdealer, so if he is ''busy'' i know what he means, but i feel like money does him more then girls, he knows he can't just it it and quit it cause i am a virgin, he said ''but you are good as a friend, because you dont give me seks, and im tired of waiting i have been waiting for 5 weeks now'' i told him if its a need of him to get laid then he can go to another girl and sleep with her but i will take my time and he said sure ''but u are a good friend''.

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  • I'd move on if I were you. If guys are interested they will make it known. This guy isn't making known. So I don't think he's feeling you.

  • I would move on. He sounds like he only wants sex, and guys like that will drop you after you give it to them. If he's not putting in the effort then I would definitely move on and find someone better.

    • i feel worthless after this experience, its been the second time in a row now,

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    • i dont even want too anymore.

    • You don't want to look for someone else because of him?

  • it's obvious he doesn't care about you. he just wants to get into your pants