Did we have our first date? I'm confused?

so I'm in line at Winslow getting breakfast, and I see the guy I've been talking to a lot in class. He comes over to me and we're talking in line, then he asks if we can sit together, so I say ok.

we're sitting in a booth by ourselves, and he's making me laugh as usual, then we start talking about our families and religion and politics. I thought I went a little too far talking about politics, especially since he's from Brazil and probably doesn't care about our political mess, but he liked everything I said and was like "it shows you actually care"

we talked for about an hour and then I had to go to class but as I was leaving he says this

"I had fun, wanna do this again tomorrow?"

I said yea definitely, but I'm still confused. The way he said that I'm not sure if he thought this was a date or if he's actually asking me out on a date tomorrow.


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  • I don't think he thought this was a date but he's surely considering your next meeting as one.


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