My head is all over, what is this guy doing? ?

I had a second date because the first one went really well and when I then I met him and then he was complimenting me and because I was like you know girl time he wasn't arsed and still wanted to see me and then met him and he was saying beautiful I am and stuff and even when we were getting physically he was still complimenting me 😕, then we was cuddling and watching movies and then when I went home he went " see you again " and kissed me goodbye and messaged me within. 10 mins of me leaving like and if this friends with benefits I'm so confused like , And then he was asking me if I had got with anyone else last week when I was out when I told him I hit the town
And now I've come home he hasn't messaged all today but yesterday he did, after I went


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  • Lol you on hyper drive


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