How to Accept a Girls past? Insecure?

I am 23 I have never dated, kissed or had sex with anyone...

So when I am talking to girls my age, almost all girls by my age have had at least 1-2 boyfriends and have had lots of sex.

I can still talk to them, I just feel insecure though... I have never had a girlfriend, I have never had sex...

I sometimes lie to them, tell them I have an ex so they don't think I am a complete loser.

Plus this idea builds in my head, He was probrally some jerk just using her for sex, and she had strong feelings for him and will only ever truly love him.

I don't know, I don't have any experience dating and I seem to have issues here, like I wish I could find a really nice girl that has never had a boyfriend but I don't think that is possible nowadays.

I have a tough time accepting a girls past...


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  • You know, not all sexually active guys are jerks lol. It's very possible that those girls had an ex who was just a decent guy, and the relationship simply didn't work out. It happens.

    • That is true, but I still feel insecure...

      She has dated, had a boyfriend, had feelings for someone else, kissed maybe... /

      She has other options :(

    • That's what you want? A girl who dates you because she has no other options? Oh honey.

      There's nothing wrong with dating a girl who has other options, but chose you! 😛

    • That is true too,

      But I'm really scared she will just leave really easily, the second we disagree or she is not happy I don't give her enough attention or spend enough time or something...

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  • First off, never lie like that, it's starts things off on the wrong foot.

    There are still really nice girls that don't have a past. So, if that's really important to you, then hold out for that. It WILL limit your opportunities, but it's really not working with the experienced girls anyway.

    It was important to me, yet I dated a couple girls with a past and it always seemed to get in the way. I married a girl who never even kissed before and it's great.
    Hope things work out for you.


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  • Either you accept it or you don't. If you don't like it don't accept it. I had a ex that I really loved she had been with 40 men before me. I didn't like it and chose to accept. Things didn't go very well always was thinking she was cheating. Her own mom was telling me she was cheating. It their past is too much to accept fuck it don't. You will find someone with a past like yours. Don't settle.

  • That my friend, is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. Only they are not physical compulsions but emotional. Another term for this emotional OCD would be "Retroactive Jealousy"

  • Just be honest and yourself... love is something no one understands and probably never will


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