Guy screenshotted my snap?

So basically, a guy i like screenshotted a snap of mine on snapchat (a selfie) & i asked him why he did it. He was like, "Don't think i'm some creep, *insert name here* asked for it". So this girl who's his bestfriend asked for it. I've never met her & this guy isn't originally from the country i'm living in & goes to school here (he's in my class) & went to his own country in the winter holidays (where she lives), so i've never met her irl. His friends there obviously must've asked him about his life here & stuff. When he was away, i got a friend request from that girl bff of his on fb & she liked one of my photos. He told me on texts that he asked her about why she specifically added me & she said cuz she found me pretty.
So this screenshot thing happened way after that. When he was back from his.. homecountry, i should say? Lol. So why do you guys think that girl's so concerned about me that she asked him to send her a pic of me when she's already added with me on fb? Coud it be that he discusses me with her or what?


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What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds like a cop-out

    • What do you think? He has all these other friends here as well, but why would she be specifically concerned about me? Could it be that he talks to her about me? (She's obv straight btw) 😂

What Girls Said 1

  • Lolololol high school. Man, this is cute. To answer your question, she might admire you or have a crush on you.


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