What should I do when someone's boyfriend is flirting with me and I'm flirting back?

  • Stop flirting back
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  • become his girlfriend and then tell the girl he's no longer hers 🚮
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  • tell his girlfriend and get her to break up with him.. :)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Firstly, I would suggest to stop flirting back. Don't go astray into doing something you regret. As I see it, if you actively do something that constitutes cheating for him while knowing he is in a relationship, you'd also be accountable. Because you know the other side, you can make an active choice to not go down the path.

    Also, think of it like this... What is the end game? Are you wanting to date him? Well, if he is flirting with you while in a relationship now, what means he'll be faithful with you while he is in a relationship with you.

    Rather, stop his advances for the reasoning of him being taken. If he wants to pursue you, he can leave his current girlfriend. (Note: I am not saying to actively encourage him to break up. Let him do it of his volition. Just don't flirt back.) I feel you are worth more as a person than just some side girl or mate poacher. Likewise, there have been people before in your position who have gone down the road and kissed/cheated before with the expectation of a relationship... Only to end up being a side fling.

    I suppose trusting the promises of someone who is in the process of breaking a promise isn't a very good idea.

    With that in mind, I would consider it a morally wrong thing to do to let things advance further and actively flirt. That being said, I suppose morals aren't entirely universal, so you have to question what is "right" and "wrong" in your heart.

    • what if the girl has bullied me multiple times? should I get payback or just let karma come for itself?

    • I feel it's still wrong to flirt back and get pay back in this way, because you'd be lowering yourself to that level to do it. Instead of looking for payback and exasperating things, seeking a way to stop the bullying (the root of the problem) would probably be more beneficial.

Most Helpful Girl

  • stop flirting
    just ignore them, as in have a glare on your face
    Or tell them, "Don't flirt with me, you have a girlfriend. I am not into such thing." Use a strict and firm tone.

    I have done that, and they stopped, except a few. Then, you just stop responding to them.


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  • I'll say date him

  • Have some respect and stop, flirting back... also, flirting with you doesn't mean he wants to be "stolen" .


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