What was his motive?

I went out with a guy I liked a few times. We had a ton in common and had a great time. Like a switch he quit calling/texting. I haven't spoken to him in a week or so and I text him yesterday just to say hi with no response. I can live with the fact he's obviously not into me but I'm quite puzzled as to what changed all of a sudden that he won't respond to a friendly hello. There was no confrontation or anything for that matter. I'm puzzled, any thoughts on what changed?


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  • Most likely he hooked up with another girl and is cutting ties with all other potentials

    • Kind of what I was thinking, which is fine but he could have been a man and said something! I didn't peg him for a coward

    • People don't do well with confrontation I find. Easier to hide then face something head on. Definitely cowardly. I always found it's best not to burn bridges you never know if you will cross it again one day. His loss

    • I completely agree. I didn't think being friendly was a problem, we don't have to get married! Lol but point taken!

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  • Just curious, is he a Gemini?

    • I believe he is a cancer.

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