What does my boyfriend think?

We don't really message each other anymore like we used to. We used to talk for hours upon hours each night but now its like five to six times a week with back and forth short answers and no continuations when i remind him of homework or I just check in. I know i've been kind of getting distant with him, like when we hold hands i don't really hold as hard as used to and its loose where he keeps adjusting his grip. I kind of drew back when he said he said he doesn't feel romantic things anymore (depression) so i don't really try because i feel it's just one-sided. We don't really talk about anything fun, like we could talk about nothing important and laugh and have fun but now he usually just has friends come up to him in the hallway and chats with them, dragging me behind by holding my hand, i'd rather walk by myself at that point, or we don't talk or when we do i just don't really act happy. I don't really put effort and i'm wondering if he notices or feels bad about it. Its just kind of a back and forth of unresponsiveness. I still wish that he is in my company but i don't really enjoy when he is, i enjoyed what it was before this epidemic.


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  • He's probably just confused and need a bit of time for himself... guys can be confusing sometimes and trying to predict what's on their minds is really a challenge. Whether you decide to give him some space to clear things up in his mind or try to talk to him about it is up to you. Good luck :3

  • you either need to talk to him about this and fix it or break up because you both sound like you are having a lousy time together and that isn't what a relationship is about.

    • I asked him is we should 'take a break' and he freaked out saying he didn't want to break up. But he seems miserable and i feel like he is just keeping me around so as to have anyone, says im a keeper but is so distant nowadays that i dont want to be kept if it means being twenty feet away at all times

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    • Okay

    • Thank you for listening

  • My fiance and I are going through this after a big argument with him. He lied to me for almost seven months and if impacted my life. It ruined my reputation to other people. I was so heartbroken but I gave him a chance because I am a very forgiving person and I love him so much. We started to talk very different its like there's no butterflies anymore. It's more of a habit or daily task to talk and not because we miss one another because we are 33 miles apart because we both go to a different college in a different city.

    1. Talk about it with him.
    2. Ask him how he feels.
    3. Share how you feel.
    4. Fix y'all relationship and always have a positive mindset.


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