Are we dating, or are we a couple?

Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and would like to ask this question. I have been seeing a girl whom is a little older than me (26 and 30), for 4 dates now. On our third date we started holding hands and later that night made out a few times. The 4th date we held hands again and kissed a few times. We talk all time on message and have lots in common. I don't want to ask, but are we a couple?


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  • You have been seeing this girl, the question is...
    1. You never asked her out? She never asked you?
    2. Do you have feelings for her?
    3. Are you the only person that she is seeing?
    4. You knew her when she was single, right?
    5. It seems like you guys are dating/a couple but you guys are not officially dating because no one asked who.

    • Thanks for your detailed answer. You have raised some valid points. I think I'll ask her about the possibility, next time we see each other.

  • Until two you talk about exclusivity I wouldn't assume. If you want to make it so ask her.

  • couple...


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