Prom date problems!!! What should I do? Please help!!! Both girls and guys takes appreciated?

So, my school's prom is two months away. I asked my crush from another school and he said yes. However, he had problems with his car and now he says he's broke. Am I supposed to buy the tickets since it's at my school. How to make plans- he won't know anyone there so should we have a dinner with my friends or with just him? Who should pay? What should I do if he doesn't want to dance? Thank you.


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  • OK let's take things slowly lol. OK you ask him to your dance. So I would say if you paid that would be ideal. If he could help you out as far as cost anyway he can would be lovely. He broke so even if he was the one who had to pay how would he? I would try and set up an earlier meet up with your friends and him just so it won't be the first time everyone meeting each other at prom. I would say have dinner with your friends first but only lightly eat than have an actual dinner with you two. That what I did. If you want to dance and he doesn't that the only tricky one. I would say if you can't convince him to dance at all then ask him if he would mind if you would dance with someone else. He should get jelly and want to dance with you then. If still no then no dancing unless you dance by yourself or someone else.


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  • Your school prom is TWO months away. You need to relax. You can try to introduce your crush to your friend and all of you can have dinner together.


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  • Well, you asked him so you should pay.

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