Am I being stringed along? Does he want me or just sex? Is there a future? And is he in love with another girl?

I have been (all the way) with this guy 5 times. We currently cannot meet up because i am not in the country. We have been writing a lot and he seems like a nice guy. I am falling for him, but he has maid it clear that he doesn't want anything serius. He just came out of a serious relationship. And has a 2 year old boy. And wants to "live" a little.
We only write on a not so personal app (snapchat)! And dont follow each other on instagram, facebook, twitter etc. I also know that he writes (and been having sex) with another girl. Way more then with me. They write like 100 - 200 messages a day. She is however in the country! She is pregnant but not with his child. (She is not showing a tummy yet) (maybe she is not going to keep the baby?). why does he keep writing her? And following her on insta and facebook.

When we write he doesn't always reply with a question back. His answers are short. And it's hard to make a conversation out of it.
But later (another time) he will ask questions back. And keep the conversation flowing. Seem sweet and interested in me. "Also sex talk" in our messages.

Is he stringing me along? And why? Does he see me as a "fuckbuddy"? Or am i potential girl maybe in the future? Is there a future?

Is he in love with the other girl?
need help!


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  • I think he is in for fun and he has said it straight. it's pretty obvious he wants nothing serious So I suggest you move on if you want something serious.

  • Yup, he's using you for fun


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, I think he is stringing you along and searching for other options.


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