If you'd recently hit it off with someone you first met in person, would you still check your OKCupid compatibility score?

If you're not on OKCupid but do or would use a similar match score system, dating site, or service, substitute that and answer accordingly.

  • No because I'm not active on match sites or services like OKCupid
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  • No because I'd want my new person and I to be past that
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  • Yes, just for fun
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  • Yes, to learn more about the person
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  • The options are not apt.. i would rather not depend on dating apps like OKC.. it's merely a time paas thingy.. though.. i won't step back to say that I hav found the best ever person in my life through OK Cupid.. it's hard to blv but it's as real as it gets! She is the most beautiful person at heart i have ever come across.. gosh i guess I m falling for her!! 😍💍🌷

    • Happy for you. ☺

      To be clear, you mean that it's going great and you met her through OKCupid?

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