How many girls have dated any A list celebrities? If so who? How was it?

I know guys haven't lol. I'm asking specifically about the ladies.
Professional athletes and B listers are welcomed as well.


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  • Well for my city he was A list lol. I didn't date him but he def wanted that. but I didn't have my shit together in that time and said no
    Even tho he was a famous footballer I didn't want today yes just bcs of that

    • To say * yes just bcs of that

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    • Lmaoooo he's 17 but I can't share full names in internet bcs he's part of my social life

    • Oh cool...

What Guys Said 2

  • Nope. I've met some A-list celebrities when I was working in Hollywood in the film industry, but far from any I could call a "friend" let alone date.

  • I dated Emma Watson once. They are even making a movie about it, Beauty and the Beast. I play the Beauty. #truestory

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