What the hell is going on inside his head?

There is this guy who was my friend in college last year. We chatted for a while on fb. Then I introduced him to my best friend coz he asked me to introduce him to any of my single friends. He started fighting with me saying he was joking. My friend got a crush on him after talking to him for a few days. when she told it to him he tried to set her up with one of his friends. after a few days I realized I liked him. but I ignored those feelings coz my best friend liked him. we didn't talk much after that introducing problem coz my friend told me that he told that I annoy him etc.. so I didn't talk much to him. few days back we fought. he told that I only talk to him if I want something, that I only use him. I told him he's the one telling shit about me. when I asked him whether he told all the stuff about me he told no. then when I asked my friend she told she was just joking he didn't tell anything like that. I stopped trusting her after that. even before that if I told something about him she'll only insult me I didn't like it coz I didn't want someone will insult me for her crush.
once his friend asked me whether he proposed me. his friends teased me with his name and him with my name. so I thought he likes me. I simply told him I have a crush on some guy and asked his advice. he asked me who the guy was. I just told some guy's name whom I'd spoken to once. he didn't react. he asked for a photo I gave him no reply. so I thought I'm just imagining things I'll move on.
I almost got over him when his friend called me the day before valentines day. he asked me to come to college as we had holidays. I refused. he was talking shit so I hung up and didn't receive his call again. he even called the next day. I don't know the reason why he called. usually if I text him ie. my friend he'll not reply so I also didn't text him asking why his friend called... what should I do with him


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  • Only he knows


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