What does it mean if my ex is being overly friendly with me?

We have been broken up for a year. We had an almost relationship because she had to move. Dont have each others numbers anymore and also i took her off my socials to move on. I bumped into her on Valentines day and was just walking by her and was going to just wave but she insited on chattingg to me, smiling heaps, then i had a gift in my hands and she said 'aww are they for me' and 'what did you get me?' jokingly. Then we had a small chat and i left. (Present was for my niece)

Why was she being like this? Just curious to know what she would be thinking...
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  • being away from you could have showed her what she's missing, but dont go back. You did to much to move on and you don't want to live in the past.

    • So she was flirting? I knew it. I dont plan on going back, she was a waste of time

    • yeah she was. Good for you!

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  • She probably wants a relationship with you again but if I were you I wouldn't go back to her.

    • This is what im thinking. She was just too nice to me. Do you think she was flirting?

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