I love my guy best friend . So does he?

It's been a year since we became best friends.. at first he told me he liked me but as a joke. .. then we became best friends.. but since 3 months we argued and didn't talk until two weeks ago.. it was because I yelled at him as he kept secrets from me.. and left me in trouble.. but I discovered that he did that just to protect me.. so two weeks ago we solved that problem.. but now I feel lost because I love him... I want to know if he does too... Actually he was a playboy... But after we met he has never been in a relationship or flirted with anyone.. once he told me it was because of me.. he also told me he has changed he discovered love.. but he has not a girlfriend... He said he can't express his feelings easily.. him ! The one who could flirt with any girl.. also sometimes he changes his attitude with me.. we talk a lot on Facebook but in high school almost never especially while with our friends.. Sometimes he even doesn't talk to me.. he always teases me and makes fun of me but never let any other one do it.. lately he told me that if a guy loves a girl he will never be with her in a non serious relationship.. that means in our age 17 a guy who loves a girl won't tell her if he cares about her.. what should I do? Does he like me?

He is Muslim by the way


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  • Based on what you've written, he definitely likes you. If you like him to, why not tell him? From experience, if you don't you'll always regret it.

    I got on really well with this girl at highschool we talked about everything and I really liked her, but I want completely sure if she like me in that way, so never asked her out. About 2 years later I found out that she'd really fancied me as well but didn't want to spoil the relationship we had so hadn't said anything. I was gutted and wished I'd just taken the chance and asked her out!

    If you do decide to tell him you like him, let us know how you get on.

    Best of luck :)

    • Thank you really... I really want to tell him but as you said I don't want to spoil our relationship.. so I am scared a lot especially he is kind of weird.. I could never understand him.. but if anything will happen I will tell you

    • Thanks and good luck

What Girls Said 1

  • Nope. He is a player.


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