How to win over the girl who isn't sure she loves you?

So recently I was with this girl. Earlier that morning she was really happy and staring into my eyes. But later that day we were doing some intimate things that involved her pretending she was being molested. Partway through though she wasn't enjoying and and blacked out and woke up sobbing. This incident has really shook her up. The day of she said she wished she was in my arms and I was playing with her hair. The next day she was scared of my touch but still said she loved me but today she said that she doesn't know if she loves me anymore. I've convinced her to give me a chance to win back her trust. What can I do to show her that we still have something. And to win back her love?


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  • I don't know what's wrong with her. If she consented to that, you didn't do anything wrong, therefore I don't understand the "winning back her trust" thing

    • Well it got carried away and I ended up slapping her so hard her ears would ring and then chocked her out. She woke up sobbing and it wasn't stopping so she finally said the safe word but she was sobbing for 20 minutes after and then I fell into this spiral of guilt and every day she's getting further and further away from me.

    • She's also lost all hope of love.

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