How do I make this girl my girlfriend?

Hi everyone, I met a girl in a dating app. We've been chatting every single day for a month, yet we've never met each other because she lives abroad. We have the same values, same moral compass, and many other things in common. Although according to socionics we have different personality (I'm ENFj and She's ISTj), we have a duality relationship. I really feel attracted, interested, and connected with this girl and I'm sure she also has feelings for me... But the thing is, how do I make her my girl? Should I wait 5 months to meet her once and make her my girlfriend? Or should I just tell her my feeling through Skype?

If I should, any advice on long distance relationship?


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What Girls Said 1

  • No, you shouldn't wait 5 months due to the possibility that she might be in a relationship after 5 months. You should ask her right now.


What Guys Said 1

  • Get her face to face, and spill it! Girls can't read minds any better than men can.


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