Guys, Guys who want women to pay their own way: If you ask a woman out, do you expect her to refuse you if she has no extra cash right then?

And should she say why, or just politely turn you down even if she's interested in you?


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  • well wouldn't the normal and expected thing to do is her rescheduling? or giving an alternative, a cost free date.

    • So you won't take that as "she's trying to friendzone me?"

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    • I meant if she downgrades or postpones it might come across as "let's just be friends."

    • well you don't have to spill your financial details. just tell him you are interested in getting to know each other, and if whatever he recommends to do is too expensive, give an alternative. surely he won't say no.

  • if she has extra cash no that but I do expect the person asking the date to pay


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