I am not allowed to text.

i am not allowed to text. my mom has blocked it from my phone and I don't really see the need to have it anyway. would any of you guys reject a girl because she couldn't text. would you see it as an issue when deciding whether you should date her or not?

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What Guys Said 1

  • It's not so much that you can't text that would bother guys, but that your parents are crazy. Why the hell would they block texting? It doesn't make sense... and it makes one wonder what other crazy rules they have.

    • I have lik, limited phone usage. I can only talk for leisure for like an hour a day. if I'm like, organizing plans they don't care though. Oh, and they don't let me text because my friends have gottne in trouble for sexting. my mom doesn't want the "inappropriate" conversations to happen.

What Girls Said 1

  • You shouldn't really care so much about texting.. it's better when you have a real life conversation rather than one that is based on texting (my current problem)... when you text, you can lie and still get aways cause you can't see the person's body movements... so in short Don't care so much about it :D

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