I have a boyfriend, should I hang out with a guy that likes me?

Ive been dating my boyfriend for about 6 months now so me and him are pretty tight, but my best guy friend really likes me and asked if I could hang out with him tomorrow. He has a pretty bad rep for being a bad boy, he's very into drugs/sex/alcohol but he's still intimate and sweet which draws me to him. He lives in a different town than me (I go to the high school in that town), so me and him don't hang out because of distance, but I just got my license and he wants me to drive over.

would this be okay? would he try and do things with me?


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  • Off the title - No.

    Off the body of your question: You know he is a "bad boy" and that he's sweet+intimate, but you also are aware that you and your current boyfriend are on good terms. Which sounds like a better choice to you: Choosing the guy your into that could leave you heartbroken in exchange for a bit of fun; or choosing the guy you already have a working and established relationship with that has no problems.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • The simple answer is no. You want to spend time with a bad boy at the risk of a 6 mos relationship with the BF. You have to be kidding.

    What is it with girls and bad boys?

    • I actually hate the fact that he's a trouble maker but inside he's like the sweetest guy ever.

    • Where could a relationship with the bad boy ever go?

    • He respects me

  • No bad idea.

    Especially the whole outa thown thing...that will go over great with the bf...unless your not gonna tell him then that would almost like lying and yeah that goes down a slippery path.

  • You ask for advice, I say break up with your boyfriend. Clearly, you don't deserve him.


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