First date : at the bar with his co workers?

We never met before, our mutual friend set us up.
we did a quick FaceTime, exchanged pics, he's very attracted to me, likes me so far lol

he's going out to a bar with his work friends tonight and asked me if I want to join them..

i just have have a feeling it's going to be really awkward.. like they could be talking about their work, office gossips, they all are already friends and know each other very well,, and for me to just sit there trying to interact would be weird?

What you guys think of this idea?
why would he want to see me while he's friends around.. I mean why wouldn't he want to focus on me like one on one and get to know me better..


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  • "we did a quick FaceTime, exchanged pics, HE'S VERY ATTRACTED TO ME, LIKES ME SO FAR lol"

    Are you attracted to him? Do you like him?

    Unless you are gonna bring a few friends & this will be a casual hang (that does not sound like a date at all), say no thankyou.


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  • Yeah I wouldn't go because they know each other and I'd feel left out


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  • definitely don't do it.
    you'll feel left out, and you won't makes any real connection. a date is for the 2 of you, if the friends are there it isn't a date. you're just "hanging with the guys".

  • Sounds like trouble to me.


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