What makes a woman not cause any issues for her man?

I have dated for a short while so i didn't get an answer and lately i haven't been finding any girls i can consider for a long term relationship so iam stuck observing others (usually friends) from a distance... and it seems to me that in relationships any girl who is 7/10+ acts like the guy ows her or something, my friend is a good example, he was dumb and kinda controlling at the beggining but now he's not like that at all and he buys her stuff all the time, expensive things, always tells her how much he loves her and basically keeps reminding her everytime how much she means to him... etc

Yet she finds a reason to always get mad at him, insult him and yell at him, lately he's been getting super pissed and not returning her calls so now she calls to apologise after she yells at him but still does it anyway...

my dad who is a player or used to be in his youth always tells me how women are easily angered, lied to and make no sense, my mom agrees and says he is not wrong at all and a lot of women are like that.

and its pretty obvious that a lot of relationships work like my friends one, women always find a reason to be mad and cause a scene, so iam asking... why? if the guy is being good, nice, romantic and a good boyfriend why girls can never live in peace and just be quiet?


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  • I don't think I'm a 7/10 but I don't get mad or cause a scene with my boyfriend at all. If we have a problem or something we just sit down and calmly talk about it. I never get mad, I don't scream or shout or insult him or anything like that. I can't exactly answer your question since I don't know why some women are like that

    • I am a pretty assertive guy not overly aggressive or violent or anything, but i dont tolerate BS so if a girl tries to ever do to me like my friends girlfriend is doing to him i will dump her on the spot and my friends know this, they know iam smart, cool and calm but i hate to be trated like that, and honestly i dont get it, why do girls act like that, i understand that not all do but a large number seem to be into that kind of stuff.

      The only answer i've found so far is to act is to be either too cool it makes women pissed off or be kinda aggressive so they dont BS you into their games , other than that iam not sure.

      being aggressive doesn't seem to work if hte guy keeps reminding the girl how much he loves her, she has to see that he means it and then she will be afraid of him but thats a bad idea and kinda counterproductive, the best idea is to be cool and laid back and smart

    • Yeah I agree, I don't know why women are like that. They can just be bitches. I wouldn't stand for it either

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