Is he interested in dating me? Why hasn't he asked me to be his girlfriend?

We have talked everyday since October. he would follow me, help me, go out of his way all the time. until now he still shows interest. he gives me rides home sometimes since we work in the same place. we text n send pics on snap n replay them n use flirty emojis, but he only flirts in text. only twice in person he has winked. he asked me to go out with him during that time and we hung out all day. after that day he still stared at me at work, talked to me all the time, etc. in car rides his voice would get soft n he would be so nice I felt love all over my body. he talk about anything, family, interests. after a while we watched a movie at my house that he chose about a guy that wants to date a girl he's friends with that he has a crush on, he asks if he can kiss me then we makeout, i don't let him go further, he understands. he shows me things he bought or pics of his room, pics of him laying in bed, sleeping. a month went by and still no date so I invited him to a place that he mentioned to me to eat, it went better than last time and he got nervous wen he saw me since I was dressed nicer than I usually am for work. he got jealous wen I mentioned I went out to eat with some guy coworkers. like always after he drops me off home he would text me thank u and then flirty emojis, always hugs me after he drops me off. still he sends more texting, talking, stares, etc. but sometimes he tries to act cool how he's not staring or wanting me to talk to him first. i invite him to my house again and we talk n laugh n he's like let's see a movie n then we makeout n grind/dryhump, talk, he feels flustered. he still talks to me, send me flirty pics, we bout have dreamt about each other once n flirt about it. his dream was about us kissing. wen I ignore him or limit my attention to him he texts me and talks to me more. he's polite n never pressures me. i feel if I never talk to him about my feelings he never will. helikes me a lot but can't express his feelings. Any advice?


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  • I like what @reptocarl said, why not just ask him?

    but a few simple reasons could be;

    A. He has commitment issues and is afraid to enter into a relationship with you.

    B. He thinks you're already dating and doesn't see a need to ask (duh?).

    C. It's impossible to tell by proxy, Just ask him why, and then when his answer is = A. then ask him out.


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  • Maybe he doesn't feel like he should. If you are that into him ask him about being exclusive.


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  • Why don't you ask him?

  • Why don't you ask him to be your boyfriend?


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