Why did my ex deactivate FB?

We haven't spoken after I broke up with him. Then, I've messaged him out of the blue. A few days later, he deactivated his account. I know he deactivated because of me, as he never deactivated or blocked me during those months of NC.

He didn't block me, delete our pics or life event though?


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  • Maybe he wised up and realized FB is just a waste of time. Or perhaps it's just coincidental, or maybe he just stayed on FB because you were there.

    • I don't think it is coincidental. After I broke up with him, he didn't deactivate or block me. In this entire period where there was no contact, he did not block, remove our photos or delete our life event even when I begged him to. But now when I contactes him for the last time, a few days later he deleted his account. It's really strange because back when we were together, he'd always delete his account when he was upset.

      And last time I messaged him, I deactivated my FB in fear that he would block me.

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  • Do you really think you can reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after? I mean really? Do you really think you can stay or be friends? If you do then you're delusional and need to be institutionalized so you're no longer a danger to yourself

    • I'm not delusional. I have respected his privacy and I have gave him a lot of space after breaking up. I never spammed him, stalked him or contacted his family. If he really hated me, he would have blocked me. Because I have done the same thing to the exes I never want to speak to again. He has family and friends on FB, deleting his FB would be a crush to his ego. Why deactivate the whole FB for me when he could just say fuck off and block me? I also never made alt accounts or get anyone to contact him for me. And he knows this.

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    • We've spoken to each other before, Reptocarl. I'm the female pilot. I am emotionally stable and respectful. I am calm and will never harass somebody. He knows me well enough to know I will never spam and a single block would get the message across because I have dignity and self-respect to maintain it. And he knows well enought that I won't make alts to contact him. He omce told me he would block people if he never wants to contact him again.

      I am confused because I want him forgive me. And I want to clear things up or make things straight to why I broke up with him. I knew I had hurt him and I was wrong. He'd always deactivate when he was upset about something or needed time to process something in the past. I know him hating me and want to never contact me is a possibility, but I won't rule this reason out either.

    • Probably best to just let it go. I'm happy you've stuck with your dream

  • It's way easier and quicker to deactivate FB than doing blocking you and deleting pics and events. There is also the posiblity you broke him.

    • A block would have got the message straight across or if he told me to fuck off, I'd respect his words and never contact him again. He knows me. I never spam him, and never contacted his Skype or phone after breaking up. I always respected his space and I never invaded his privacy or contacted his family. What do you mean by "broke"?

      I mean, I always blocked my exes when I don't ever want to speak to them again or get the message across.

    • What a mean with "broke" is you could've broken his spirit or mind. I telling this because I know it's possible. When my best friends girlfriend ended there relationship he eliminated all his social media accounts and basicly locked him self at his house.

      And about the deactivating his Facebook, for some people it's kinda painful to write to his/her ex, so it's less "painful" to just disappear.

  • How do you know he deactivated it because of you?

    • Well we haven't spoken for months and he never deactivated. Right after I messaged him, he deactivated it a few days later. I can remember the last time I messaged him, I deactivated my FB in fear he would block me. And when we were together, he'd deactivate when he was upset about something.

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  • Maybe he got a new girl and doesn't want any drama? Or, he doesn't use it anymore. Either way, he doesn't seem to want contact.

    • Wouldn't a block get the message across directly? I never stalked him or contacted him using Skype or his phone. So he knows I keep my word and I'm not the spammy, disrespectful ex. I have also never contacted his family.

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    • You've broken up and so he doesn't need to tell you anything about his life. You can both do what you want. If he has a new girl, then its a waste of time to even tell the ex that he's moved on.

    • I think he might be with a guy now. He is bi and before we broke up, he shouted "I hate women so much. Thank you, that I'm done with them."

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