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So I really like this guy, and he likes me,we've been hanging out a lot more lately and we've kissed while we hang out. And he texts me all the time and says the sweetest things. And I am hanging out with him on Monday. And I want him to ask me out but I don't know how? do I keep doing what I'm doing and wait for him to ask me?


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  • I would flirt more with him.. Make him feel special too ;D wait abit longer,watch his body movement... He doesn't ask you out? Ask him :)

    but becareful.. If he kisses all the girls he "hangs outs" with.. Stay away from him

  • i think if you really want him to ask u... ask him.. just talk to him and ask him where he wants things to go... tell him what you want... if you don't feel like you can ask him like that.. then make it more obvious.. flirt more with him.. show him that you want him... or make jokes bout like if you were my bf.. or if we were going out.. etc etc... you know?

    hope I helped..

    gd luck

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