Am I thinking to much?

So me and this guy met freshmen year of high school we lost touch once we graduated and recently started talking again. he got in a terrible accident and we have been in stop talking for a month now. everyday we literally continue talking, we have talked about a lot and some days I feel like there's nothing else to say like the conversation is done but just when I think that he replies with how my day was or what am I doing even if we just finished that topic about an hour ago but recently he's been replying slow he still acts the same nothing has change personality wise I even texted him saying "I'm so annoying" and he replied with how I wasn't and he was, long story short... my question is, is there a possibility there's someone else or am I just putting things in my head?


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  • My question is:
    1. Do you like this person? Crush?
    2. You guys aren't dating, right?
    3. Were you guys just friends?
    4. Do you think he had changed his number?
    5. Do you think he's avoiding you?
    6. Maybe, it's something else.
    7. Try contacting him on social medias and greet him and ask how he's doing. So far from that if he replies like "Hey, I'm good! How about you?" Then, it'll probably be a good conversation. But if he blocks you then there's always a reason why people do things.

    • 1. Yes I like him
      2. No
      3. No we only knew each other because we hung out with the same group of friends
      4 &7 no he doesn't ignore me anywhere in fact when I give like a simple answer example "haha oh yea" or " yea true" he's the one who then says "how was your day" etc...
      I just feel like he's talking to someone else because he takes forever to reply but that's it like I said his personality hasn't changed our conversations haven't either he's just taking longer to reply

    • He's probably busy doing something but he still wants to talk to you and multitask or he could be texting other people.

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