He Hasn't Texted Back In Almost 3 Days But is Active on Social Media 😅?

I recently texted my crush approximately 2 days ago & he hasn't responded. I'm pretty sure he saw it because he's active on social media, such as liking posts, etc. I thought he was interested in me because we used to text somewhat regularly. I may sound crazy but, I have a plan 😂: my friend and I are going to hang out on Monday and since their friends, I asked her to text him about wanting to hang out with us. She hasn't texted him yet, but should I do this? She knows I am interested in him and is willing to help me out. Or is he just giving me a subtle hint of not being interested?


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  • He's probably just doing something else, and totally forgot about your message. Go with your plan

    • Sounds good 👌. Should I text him again after hanging out or does that just sound desperate 😬?

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  • nobody is so busy for 2 days straight that they dont see a text , he's not interested

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    • i think he's just uninterested and you probably are bothering him, he's clearly avoiding you guys

    • Oh I meant before texting him one time, but did reply right after she texted him again. She hasn't texted him about meeting up with us yet (sorry if that sounded confusing & I have horrible grammar 😬)

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