Ladies how to get somewhat shy girl to be more comfortable?

I know this girl from the gym. Without going into a big story. I do think she likes me and I like her. She seems to be shy and inexperienced with guys. I see her around. We first would talk a lot, but now that the interest factor is known about each other. She has pulled back a bit, we still talk a lot and very friendly with each other. its not toast but she seems to have cold feet.

What the best way to make her more comfortable and try to being everything together? We both know there is mutual interest ( as this was discussed) but she's shy and moving slower than I thought. Whats the best way to open her up more to be more comfortable? I run into her a few times a week


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  • ask her to hang out (or go on a date) and just take her somewhere fun that would stimulate conversation

    • Thats the problem, I have alluded towards it but she's really hesitant. She has trouble opening up with basic questions, which most would consider normal. I am very confident in her interest in me, but I need to increase her comfort level first.

    • then it sounds like she's had a bad past experience, so its just gonna take time for her to really trust you and be comfortable

    • I guess but I think its lack of experience this time we'll see

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