Read about my ridiculous, funny first date and laugh, share opinions, whatever?

So I asked the girl I liked to have lunch with me. She brought her black love interest with us who wore a purple hair pick in his hair. (My brother and I call him Hairpiece.) Hairpiece brought this man who was in charge of his medical needs for the week. These three always had lunch. Hairpiece poured water down her back to be mean just before we headed out and I made a mental note to get him back later when I had a chance. As we left, the conversation was like friendly questions from me and monosyllabic answers from her. When we were outside, she started going on about how cold she was. (Hairpiece and councillor were lagging behind getting their lunch) I said, "I will keep you warm." So put my arm around her.
"Aww thanks! "
We sat down and the others caught up. She sat right next to Hairpiece. I seized my chance, took his water and sprayed his pants with it. She gasped and giggled with delight. She knew why I had done it, and so did he. We had had similar situations happen before that involved him being mean.
He started getting toothpaste out but his councillor told him to cut it out.
She started telling us that she wished that she was black, how she thought black people were so swaggy and how she wanted all her kids to be black. (Looking mainly at Hairpiece!)
They then started discussing the fact that the councillor's brother had a tattoo on his butt. They started acting like I wasn't there.
I left and nobody noticed.
The day after, she must have realised that I was not looking at her any more because she called me over and said, "Have a look at this!" she pulled her skirt up to reveal a fluffy leg. "I have not shaved for Ages! Pretty rough right?" said she as she stroked it. I just told her that was disgusting and she needed a razor. We have not spoken since.


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  • That seems like a disaster of a first date. She obviously has friend-zoned you, especially showing you her non-shaved legs.


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  • ... Are you guys 13 or something?
    What's your question?


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