Girls that don't show interest outside dates?

I was dating a girl a little while back and things seemed to go well enough. We hadn't been dating long but I noticed she never would text me or talk to me unless I texted her first. I'd ask her out, the date would go well, then I'd have to reach out to hear from her again. We'd gone out probably 3 or 4 times. I let her know she was more than welcome to text me or talk to me but she never did. After a while, I decided to not text her for a while, just to see what she'd do. Well she never texted or talked to me again. At all (talking months here). It's pretty much like I never existed. I've had a couple of girls I've dated who've done similar things where they're interested in going out, but if I don't coerce conversation out of them outside an actual meet up, I'd never hear from them again. It's not every girl, but it's happened more than once. Am I wrong for not texting them? Should I start every conversation in these situations?


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  • it sounds like you dont have chemistry with these girls. if a girl isn't reaching out to you, even after you have gone on several dates and explictly told her you would like her to text you then she doesn't like you. find someone who you have chemistry with. part of having a relationship is bonding and being friends with them too

    • Thanks, I figured it was this. Just didn't want to look back and wonder whether there was something I should've done differently.

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  • Typical women abusing men's kindness for free food


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