What do you think about this?

hey guys and girls. just stumbled on pic on Instagram. want to know your opinion on this.what do you think about this??

guys and girls my point is that you should be good to good people and bad to bad people. if a guy/ girl doesn't want to see your good side , show them your bad side. anyways being nice doesn't mean that a guy should let a girl walk all over him.


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  • It's stupid. Most nice guys who have to say they are nice are not nice. Most of these 'nice guys' I meet end up being jerks. It's just a lame thing people like to use and say as to why they are single when really the problem isn't other people it's them.


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  • Even if she is sweet, and a good girl, why would you want to be with someone that was so stupid as to be attracted to a rich d-bag or jerk? she's probably going to have a child, and that d-bag, or rich guy will move on, and leave her, in poverty, to raise the child alone.
    I have to wonder why some many women follow that path!!!
    As a wise old friend of mine used to say, "Thank you, JESUS, she ain't married to me!!!"
    Good luck with that, ladies!!


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  • It's stupid. First of all there is a roughly even amount of men and women. In fact there are more women. You are describing a world which is 60% male. In reality for every guy that is alone there is AT LEAST a girl which the graph conveniently omits. So that should be your first hint

    Second of all it's of course not all nice women want a jerk

    • just FYI these are not my thoughts, i found it on Instagram and wanted some opinions. I'll share my thoughts after a while.

    • Yes I've seen stupid picture before but you wouldn't be sharing if you didn't believe that it's true

    • @nalaa I'll share my opinion through my update later. trust me I don't believe it. just wanted to know what people here think.

  • Dumb.


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