How to stop the hurt?

There is a girl in my class, I was obsessed and infatuated with her...

I wasn't really myself, I missed the red flags, and she wasn't really clear/honest with me...

So I was devastated when I found out she was seeing someone else...

Flash forward a couple of years...

I am no longer obsessed with her, but of course I still hear so much about her life from mutual friends, see her, occasional have to speak to her...

I see her profile picture, and it just hurts me so much...

I guess I just feel rejected, low, and sad things didn't work out.

She isn't the type to talk about things, so I can't get any closure, unless she opens up one day.

Is there a way to not feel hurt and rejected?

I think ahe blocked me too, now I feel really hurt


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  • If seeing her profile makes you feel terrible, why don't you block her? Out of sight, out of mind.

    • Because even if I block her, I can still see her on my phone... I have her phone number :(

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    • What do you want me to do? I can't help you with that!

    • I'm not sure, I just want the pain to go away forever :'(

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  • Yea there is. Stop thinking about this girl and focus on finding other girls. Seriously, cross her out completely from your life. You're hanging on to this small hope that you two will end up together and that's keeping you from moving on. Hope can be a terrible thing in the wrong situation such as this one. This girl is just like any other girl, the only reason she's so special to you is because YOU made her special by always thinking about her and putting her on a pedestal.
    You REALLY need to focus your energy on other girls. Seriously there BILLIONS of them, I can fucking guarantee you that you'll find someone who you like just as much as that chick but because you're wiser and more mature you won't fuck it up and she'll feel the same way about you. Wouldn't that be wonderful? The longer you sit moping about that chick you never even had anything to do with the longer it'll be until you find that other girl who is just as into you as you are into her.
    Seriously dude, just forget this chick. It's for your own good.

    • This might help you out

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    • There's really no cure, you just have an ill way of thinking about your situation and about yourself. Lets see. The most important attribute you can have is self respect. You should learn to really respect yourself enough to know what you deserve in life and never settle for less. When your mindset is that way it builds a lot of confidence. This is why a lot of people think girls only date assholes because assholes are arrogant from their self respect.
      Ask yourself what you really deserve and respect yourself enough to go for it. Do you really think you deserve a girl who doesn't feel the same way? I highly doubt it, so fuck it you're better off without her since the girl you decide to settle with will be much better than the girl you've been obsessing about because she'll fulfill the criteria of what you think you deserve. Really think about that. The right girl is out there somewhere, just do your thing and concentrate on bettering yourself and social life and good things will come.

    • Thank you guy, you have great help.

      My self respect is very low :(

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  • Stay Strong

    • tell her or him to fuck up then

    • What

    • if she bn or he dosent care. forget

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