How do you know when a guy is using you? Stringing you along? Just wanting sex from you?


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  • Either Trust Or Either Leave Him , If U Feel Uncomfortable.


What Girls Said 2

  • If he doesn't put any effort into the relationship (e. g. doesn't go out of his way to do sweet things and make you feel happy).

    If he doesn't respond to your text messages or initiate plans.

    If he only seems to be interested in sex when you're together.

    If he doesn't try to have real conversations with you and feel emotionally close to you.

  • -you will not have to chase him. if a guy likes you, you will never go long without hearing from him. you'll hear from him regularly and you'll actually talk on the phone and facetime not just text. he will call you just to talk

    -would he help you out if you really needed him? if you got a flat tire or needed a jumpstart for example, and you called him, would he be help you? understandable he may not be able to leave work, but if he is available and free does he come to your aid? guys who really care about you care about your well being

    -when you call him, does he get back to you quickly? barring times when he is at work or something.

    -does he treat you with respect? this is non negotiable


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