Girls, Would you Reject an Attractive Man?

If an Attractive Man asked you out, would you have reason to Reject him?

When I get rejected, Girls always have an excuse.. I'm not dating, just got out of a relationship, whatever the excuse...

I never believe that... All I hear is that "You are not attractive to me, you are ugly and I want someone better"

So am I wrong to take it personally?

or are girls being honest?

I did have a girl once say she liked me, but just wasn't attracted to me... I respected her the most out of everyone who has rejected me... So there is some hope for honesty...

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  • Yes and I have. Physical attraction is just too superficial. While I need to be physically attracted to a guy before I'd consider dating him, if I didn't like his personality then I'd reject him. I need to be physically , mentally and emotionally attracted to a guy


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  • the only reason I'd reject an attractive man is because if he is dumb as fuck or is gross as fuck (always talking about porn)

  • yeah if he comes off like a fuckboy or i heard a rumor about him

    • How would you reject him though, would you be honest?

    • i would just say no. no explanation needed

    • Let's say he wasn't a "fuckboy", you didn't hear any rumors... and he seemed like a nice guy...

      You talk briefly and he asks you out.

  • yeah. cause I'm in a relationship.

    • and so I am not. interested.

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    • and that is were it gets annoying.

    • It just occured to me they might not find me ugly and are actually truthful

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