Why do some girls not understand why guys want their girlfriend to be hot?

You'd think this would be obvious, but I've had girls legitimately ask me why some guys care so much about getting a hot girlfriend. Can you explain this to me, girls?


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  • Because it's really shallow. And it shows you care more about looks than personality which is shallow.

    • I know being shallow is bad, but girls usually learn by a certain age that that's just how guys are. Yet they still ask me "why is it so important for guys to have a hot girlfriend?" like it's something they were completely unaware of till now.

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    • Would you not want a guy to like you for your looks?

    • No, I'd want a guy to like me for my personality.

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  • I guess it's because those girls don't seem to realize that physical attraction is essential in a relationship


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  • Its quite simple. Girls want to be appreciated for their personality not their looks. You can have a hot model-like b*tch or a decent loyal girl
    Im sure guys would hate being rejected solely because of looks.

  • Most girls do understand.
    What's annoying is when the same guys turn around and moan about girls only dating hot guys.


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