Dating a bad boy?

Should I be scared of anything. I know he wouldn't cheat because he thinks that is wrong. but I am scared of being pressured into sex. which is something that he has done, a lot. What do you think? any help would be awesome!


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  • The thing about bad boys, they'll say anything to get in your pants.


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  • dont be naive

    dont make excuses for anything he does

    keep your eyes open

    if he is a bad boy its highly unlikely he will be faithful.

    guys will say anything to get you to let your guard down.

    if he has pressured you or girls for sex, then its obvious that that's what he wants and what his main focus for getting with you is. if he really likes you he will respect that you want to wait. if he doesn't respect that then he cares more about getting ass then nurturing a relationship.