Why do you think girls wouldn't mention that they have a boyfriend to a guy?

What do guys usually think if a girl doesn't tell him that she has a boyfriend and flirts with him and likes being around him? Do they assume she has a crush?


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  • really good question.
    I would assume what the situation tells me: she has a boyfriend, yet she flirts with me, meaning that there is something that she likes about me, she feels attracted and that makes her cross the line.

    unfortunately once I find out she has someone, I simply step down and let it die.

    Why I was saying this is a good question: there's this girl that was simply acting like a school girl around me and would go out of her way to be around me. I found out she has a boyfriend and given the already mentioned fact above, I kind of refrained from doing anything or flirting back.
    One of the most beautiful girls I've seen.

    So now my question to you: if a taken girl flirts with me, shows that she likes being around me, tries to please me and acts overly friendly, what should I do if I really like her and want to give it a shot with her?

    • *I would also feel that she might not be happy with the guy she is with.

    • thank you, but what happened, are you flirting with someone else? also can you share an opinion on what I should do with this girl in my comment?

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  • If they want to cheat...

    • Do you think if a guy found out on his own, he would assume a girl liked him?

    • Maybe

    • Why just maybe?

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  • Well you a hoe if you doing that shit, why be in a relationship if you want to go out and do that

  • if a girl is flirting they think she is available not right of them to do that when taken


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