Opinions on Late Night Conversations?

I generally love them and have had them quite a few times with quite a lot of Girls and even Friends. It is quite special because I think both people are more likely to open up and share things you wouldn't expect them to share in person. I think you learn more about people this way.

The last one I had with a Girl was just a month ago and was at the early hours of the morning and we were walking through Manchester and talking - we hadn't been drinking. It was quite special and she was talking about her troubles and family issues - it was quite special in my mind.

Anyway, what do people think about me and any experiences?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I like them as well. I agree with you. During nighttime you feel the freedom to talk about things you would never talk during daytime. It's kind of weird actually


What Guys Said 2

  • i used to keep people engaged for hours when i was new to social media but now I've realised its just a waste of everyone's time
    spend long hours with the physical being
    not their internet person
    that's the lesson i learned

  • Yeah I love a late night just shooting the shit talking about. life


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