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what does it mean when your boyfriend asks you "what will we name our children?". is it getting serious or is he just curious?

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he sometimes calls me mother of our future children lol


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  • Why don't you just ask him?

    • because i dont want him to think that i am rushing him or something lol

    • Well, you aren't going to find out by asking here. He's the only one that knows.

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  • He's curious and It's just another way of letting you know he loves you. but doesn't neccesarily mean he wants you to start popping out babies right away.

    • hahahahaha i am not ready to pop out babies anytime soon , i am still focused on continuing my education , i just wanted to know if he was serious about us and if he sees us getting married someday lol

    • Serious yes, marriage is a whole other conversation for most boys.

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  • It's just a thing that you talk about. Kinda like when you mess around with each other's surnames and plan your wedding. It doesn't necessarily mean anything.

  • How long are you dating?