I have such a hard time believing that I can start dating someone?

It's so hard to find someone. People have this misunderstanding whenever I say that. Like " oh your only 22!" " and oh your young , you'll find somebody " , I'm kind of sick of listening to that because the reality is that isn't how I feel. Yes I'm 22 but I want a partner.

I'm not desperate for a partner , it just matters to me a lot.

It's just really hard for me and I cannot figure out why. Honestly, there's no single groups for people in their 20s so finding women in my age group is very limited. I don't know... I just feel bad about it and I want it a lot. Not to make me feel better but for , the true purpose of my entire life ( a girlfriend)

Advice is okay but I'd rather here any stories that have the same connection.

I don't like being alone in this.


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  • I can relate to you. I'm 24 and have struggled to find someone and find a connection with a person. Honestly, i'm independent and I have a lot of goals, aspirations, wants, and future career plans to work towards. Sometimes you just have to keep yourself happy and find your own happiness, get your own life sorted out before love finds you.

    I never looked for love, it somehow found me and hit me hard when i wasn't expecting it. I've only ever had one serious relationship during my life that is still continuing to this day, and it began at age 22 when i was in college.

    I'd say, take your time and do your own thing. If love is really what you want and you are ready for, take the wheel and begin working towards it. Set yourself up with friends who are possible love interests, or have your friends set you up with some people they know. Try online dating, try getting out to places you've never gone before and venturing away from your comfort zones. My friend met her husband when she took a weekend zumba class. My cousin met her boyfriend at her work, she brought him lunch and he left her his number on a card.
    Honestly, there's so many ways to meet people but you have to kinda break that wall down and show emotionally that you're looking, and seeking someone to share your life with. You have to give yourself time, patience, and don't lose faith in dating. Life brings something different everyday, take it as a new opprtunity to try and get out there. :-)

    As for groups, you can try anything from facebook groups for singles, "missed connections" I believe it's called, or possible relationship sites online. Tagged is a good one, as is MeetMe. Open yourself up to more possibilities, and try joining some things around your town. Like a new club or past time, attend a community event and get to know others. My city has small festivals, people usually mingle lots there, so that is another option for you to get out and enjoy.

    Again, don't pressure yourself too hard, or let yourself become discouraged. Love takes time, patience, work, and sooner or later you will find it somehow, someday. Keep trying, and keep working on making sure you stay happy too.


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