How do I know if a guy is genuinely interested in me or he's just texting me for an ego stroke or sex?


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  • This is my favorite question, because it is easy to answer! Wait for it... The easiest way to tell if he just wants sex is... Now wait for it XD

    IS TO NOT GIVE HIM SEX!!! Not until the honeymoon!!! And stick with it!

    If he leaves you, guess what? He only wanted SEX. He didn't EVER care about YOU as a PERSON. He only cared about WHAT IT TOOK to get INTO YOUR PANTS!

    HOWEVER. If he nodded and considered it, if he waited for you, if he took the time to respect your boundaries, and if, he waited until the honeymoon, her may be a man of HONOR, a man who will STICK WITH YOU, if you refuse to become conceited, proud, and demanding.

    A man who only wants sex is a self solving problem. The question that will boggle his mind and cause him to go running is to deny him your body. If you give him your body, you are giving him what he THINKS he wants, and he will drop you like a bad habit, afterwards. So do not end up there.


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  • If he only talks to you about sex and if he constantly asks for nudes and if he claims that he doesn't want to be committed right now, I have bad news for you...


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  • You can't very easily, just like he can't easily know if you are using him for attention or free meals.

  • If he wants to know more about you than he does ask you about him or just talks about himself.

    • He does ask me questions, but sometimes he doesn't at all. For example: if I ask him what is he doing, he would rarely ask me the same question back. It might sound stupid but it's still something to look at

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    • Yeah, I don't feel like he's interested in me enough. He also lives far, far away from me and he doesn't seem to have a hard time finding girls for sex. That's why I'm confused, if he wanted just sex why would he contact someone who lives so far from him?

    • I think some times for a man, if it's too late or they can't find a girl to have real sex with they might want to sext with a girl. And since we can do that through text messages it doesn't matter how far away she is.

  • 1. Signs of interest, like asking questions about you, can be faked to a degree, obviously.
    2. The biggest predictor of a person's attitudes and behavior is that person's past attitudes and behavior.
    3. Me, being a guy, could not think of a universal way to tell for sure, without getting involved (hanging out etc.)
    4. I also failed to think of an universal example to tell for sure even when getting involved.
    5. A minimal loss strategy is probably not doing anything uncomfortable with you under assumption the guy likes you for just being the person you are.

  • If he's asking questions about you, he's interested in you.


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