Why didn't my ex just ignore me?

Well we were more of an 'almost relationship'. Dated for 5 months, respected each other to wait for sex, but never made it official because he as being sent away for work, also he told me he didn't want a relationship, i was wiling to do long distance. We then broke contact. 7months later he came back and he emailed me just saying im back, i told him i still cared about him and ill see him around (it was a somewhat best wishes email) he never messaged me back. I then saw him yesterday and tried walking past him just to wave but he insisted twice on stopping me to chat, he had a massive smile on his face and was being flirty, super friendly, i was left confused. I had gifts for my mom and he wad asking things like 'aww are they for me?' And 'you shouldn't have'.

Why didn't he just ignore me? Like he did m email?


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  • He wanted to be nice


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