What are some solid signs a shy guy may be interested; Or is he simply being friendly by staring, and smiling etc?

What are some signs a shy guy may be interested in you

- Does he stare at you when you are not looking?

- Does he look sad or worried when he cannot seat next to you and turns around to look at you in class? and waves at you

- Does he wait for you to complete your exam in order to at least speak to you and just simply walks extremely slow to give you enough of time to catch up to him

- Does he constantly smile and laugh when talking to you?

- Does his voice get a bit softer when talking to you?

- Does he choose to seat next to you or behind you in class?

Anyhow these are the few signs I have been able to gather in the months following my meeting with this guy in my university class; When we first met I never spoke to him but instead we would stare at one another and simply smile and then he introduced himself to me earlier this month and we would simply chat during class and I have just noticed in that few weeks following this his behavior has changed a bit !
Thanks we are in our 20's!


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  • Looks at you, blushes, looks at u smiles and looks away, stares at you

  • I was watching always and when she looked watched somewhere else. But sometimes i got caught. :D

  • he likes you


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  • There are no good "signs". If you want to know, just ask him out.


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