Was he trying to make me jealous?

Not quite sure but he told me how a waitress gave him her number and was hitting on him. Was this to make me jealous or something? I just thought it was irrelevant information and why would he try to make me jealous anyway..

I need answers lol

  • He was trying to make you jealous
  • Was not trying to make you jealous
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  • Its a good thing he is telling you this.

    • How so?

    • BOTH ways its good for u-

      1. If he is trying to make you jealous that means he wants you to care about him which means he really likes u.

      2. If he is not trying to make u jealous and he is actually hanging out with this other girl, then thats also a good sign because he is being honest with u.

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  • It really depends in you are currently in a relationship with him or not... if you aren't then he's just bragging

  • I think in a way he was but it kinda depends on what y'all relationship is.

    • We have been on a few dates

    • Then he probably was tryna make you jealous just to see your reaction.