How long after is it okay to like a mans photo on social media after following him?


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  • 5 minutes, exactly. Any longer and it looks like you're facestalking. Any less and you come across as too keen.
    Also, click the button lightly so you don't feel too over enthusiastic, and wear something casual and comfortable while you do it. Maybe while you're out doing something cool and adventurous, not just hiding in a dark room or on the toilet. Or you could just click like and not get yourself so anxious about it all ;)

    • lolz that's pretty funny 😂

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    • Lol. Just joking with ya ;) Honestly, I think if you like someone it can be nerve wracking to take that step towards showing them. But what do you have to lose? He's either going to like you back or he isn't... in which case you can invest your time and energy into showing someone else who might be mutually attracted to you :) Just try not to be anxiously attracted/attached and you'll be fine :)

    • lolz... agreed

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  • When you think it is


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  • you go like a photo at any time of the day you want. dont fall for all these social trends on being creepy and all that bull. just do it when YOU feel like doing it

  • asap is ok


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