Stopped messaging me?

He stopped messaging me again on Snapchat, then I found out his grandma died and he was super close to her. He told me that this was going to be a rough 2017 then Monday he didn't reply to me and that's when his gma died. And I haven't heard from from him since. What do I do? Wait to message him? Or send him a message. Like I said he doesn't know that I know his grandma died.. I feel so bad. But so do I move on or wait? I do like him..


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  • Mate mate!!! Snapchat him and let know you're aware of the bad times he's enduring and you're there if he needs you. His texting patterns are going to be irregular and have a different tone I suppose with his current circumstances.

    Time now for a friend. Be that friend and when things get better you may become the girlfriend.

    • I snapped him, and he said he was good. Maybe he's no longer interested in me.

    • Don't think that! I say sense he says he's good and fine, maybe ask if you can see him or you two can go out for coffee or lunch and catch up. Then see how he is from there. in person. But I don't think your chances are over yet.

    • yes like anonymous said, let him know you care

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  • Send him a short and sweet enduring message that will make it known you are there if he needs anyone to lean on.

    • Thanks for your advice. I just asked him how everything was. He said he was good, I don't think he's no longer interested..

    • He's definitely interested since he responded during such a hard time. Good luck :)

    • Thanks!

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  • Just send him a quick message and ask how he doing? Worst thing that could happen is no response.

    • I did, he said he was good. Maybe he's not interested anymore. I'm so confused..

    • Well he responded which is good, he might just need sone time with grandma passing, you know if they were close?

    • Yeah. But he seemed find when he messaged me.

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  • Stop with the message. Call him and give your condolences, offer your support and assure him you're there for him if he needs anything.

    • I don't have his number. I only have his snapchat.

    • He doesn't know that I know his grandma died.

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